15.00 € HT/J 

RED Station Redmag 1,8" (mini)   15€ HT

Compact form factor makes the RED STATION® REDMAG 1.8" (Mini) perfect for offloading your REDMAG 1.8" media when workspace is limited and portability makes all the difference. Connects using Firewire 800 or ESATA / USB 3.0 ports (depending on model selected).

RED Station SSD    15€ HT

The RED SSD module uses the same SSD reader inside our cameras to ensure incredibly fast and reliable reads and writes.
Each Module can be used independently or linked together as a system, using E-SATA, FIREWIRE 400/800 or USB2.0.

RED Station Red Mini-Mag    15€ HT

The RED STATION® REDMINI-MAG® is designed exclusively for offloading media from RED MINI-MAGs to your workstation. Connect to your computer via Firewire 800, eSATA 6G, or USB 3.0. A sleek, compact design takes up less space than the traditional REDSTATIONREDMAG 1.8" and fits easier into cases for storage.



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