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Maxx Digital is proud to announce its first product developed with RED Digital Cinema, the Mobile Rocket. The Mobile Rocket allows you to bring the functionality of the RED Rocket into the field with your Macbook Pro. Connecting through the Express 34 slot allows the RED Rocket full use of the 10Gb/sec PCI-express extender technology for unprecedented troughput. Through rigorous testing within RED, the Mobile Rocket is the only product manufactured outside of RED to have the honor of carrying the RED Digital Cinema badge.  

What can the Mobile Rocket do?
The great staff over at RED were able to tweek the RED Rocket’s firmware and drivers with in the Mobile Rocket to allow: 

The Mobile Rocket using the 1x Express 34 slot on the MacBook Pro:
•Full debayer scaled to 1k for playback through the laptop.
•Full debayer output through Rocket monitor output at 2k or 4k. 

The Mobile Rocket using the 4x PCIe HBA Kit with the Mac Pro:
•Full debayer scaled to 2k for playback through the desktop.
•Full debayer output through Rocket monitor output at 2k or 4k.
•Accelerated full debayer/decompressing/downscaling of R3D.
•Speed of transcoding to QT/MXF if dependent on the desktop processor speed. (ProRes runs at about 30fps on a Nahalem 8 core macpro)
•Speed of generating DPX files is limited by the available disk speed and the max bandwidth through PCIe x4

Please make sure that you download the latest firmware and drivers from the
page before you install your RED Rocket card. All RED Rocket cards integrated by Maxx Digital will have the latest updates.
The Mobile Rocket comes with everything you need to connect to your Macbook Pro. In addition to having the ability to use the Mobile Rocket in the field, Maxx Digital developed a PCI extender host bus adaptor to allow you to connect to your Mac Pro. With a small extra charge you don't need to swap around cards in order to use the RED Rocket with your Mac Pro.



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